• What if you had sex without condom

    by · 28.01.2018

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    What if you had sex without condom

    However, the more times you have unprotected sex the higher the chance of getting pregnant. Find sexual health services near you , including sexual health and GUM clinics. Copper IUDs are also a good option for emergency contraception and can be inserted up to seven days after uprotected intercourse. A man does not have to orgasm for the woman to fall pregnant. Both you and your partner should get checked. Getting a check-up Go for a check-up if you have had unprotected sex and you have any unusual symptoms around your genitals vagina or penis , such as: That means even when you take it there is still a chance to get pregnant. If this happens, you must use condoms and the pill for the rest of the pill cycle.

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    What if you had sex without condom

    What if you had sex without condom

    What if you had sex without condom

    What if you had sex without condom

    You condon whether by looking at someone whether or not they have an STI. If means even when you take it there is still a consequence to get in.

    What if you had sex without condom

    What if you had sex without condom

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    What if you had sex without condom

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      In case your geography is not that hot, we are talking around 18 million babies!

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      Unprotected penetrative sex with or without orgasm.

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