• The technique of gay anal sex

    by · 19.11.2018

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    The technique of gay anal sex

    If you clean with a shower attachment, relax. While I have generally had good success with Imodium, over-dosage has messed up my stomach and actually caused me to have a bowel movement. It is probably not the best thing to do, but neither is excessive cleaning or really rough sex, which can cause hemorrhoids and fissures and other ailments. You have the ability to control your external sphincter. Instead, do a little bit at a time, half inch by half inch. The first rule of gay sex applies to bottoms of all calibers: Most guys begin cleaning in the shower with water and a finger, and for some that is enough. Ride a Guy Participation

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    The technique of gay anal sex

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    The technique of gay anal sex

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    The technique of gay anal sex

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    The technique of gay anal sex

    The technique of gay anal sex

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    The technique of gay anal sex

    The technique of gay anal sex

    The technique of gay anal sex

    Gay sex triggers to focus only on the intention, since a good top is actually rubbing the past with his picture. Even is a spanking to this route:.

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    1. Mimi says:

      Hold the nozzle in for a few seconds, allowing the water to run out gently, then pull the nozzle out.

    2. Mishura says:

      Go slowly and use lots of lube. These different cleaning methods have different benefits and different risks which I will go into in the following slides.

    3. Tagis says:

      I choose to clean frequently because I like to have mess-free anal sex, and have not had any problems from excessive douching.

    4. Takasa says:

      The Psychology Most guys who ride other guys will tell you that half of the stimulation from the experience comes from the psychological aspects. If you become stimulated during the process, go for it!

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