• Safe sex for lesbians with herpes

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    Safe sex for lesbians with herpes

    There are a variety of treatment options, including freezing and medicated creams. When used correctly, condoms protect against unintended pregnancy and STIs. Treatment is with antibiotic injections or tablets. They are treated by freezing them off, or using a paint-on solution. Any close and not-so-close contact can spread the mites, and they can live in fabric for a couple of days.

    Safe sex for lesbians with herpes

    Safe sex for lesbians with herpes

    Safe sex for lesbians with herpes

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    Safe sex for lesbians with herpes

    Safe sex for lesbians with herpes

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    Safe sex for lesbians with herpes

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    Safe sex for lesbians with herpes

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    Safe sex for lesbians with herpes

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      This creates a physical barrier to avoid the transmission of STIs, much like a condom. Reports of transmission via breast milk seem to have been exaggerated by a certain ethically-challenged baby milk company see Free Formula:

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      They go away of their own accord, but are incurable and can recur. Another kind of highly infections sore sometimes appears—flat greyish warts.

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      Fortunately, it need not get this far as it is susceptible to penicillin, and partners will also need to be treated. Talk to your doctor about how often you should get tested.

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