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Reckless, Senseless, Heedless: Helen Chenoweth (Former Congressman) Passed Away as She Lived


Helen Chenoweth was born in Kansas. When she was one-year-old, Helen Chenoweth, parents moved to Los Angeles. She is an athlete, horse enthusiast, and musician. She did her graduation in Whitworth College that is located in Spokane. She worked in a cafeteria during her college days. She came to Nick Chenoweth. Nich Chenoweth worked as a cook, and Helen Chenoweth was a waitress. They both fell in love and married on 1958. Their marriage life did not last for a long time.

She started to work for her living. She established and administered Northside medical clinic. She wanted to be a part of politics. She took charge of the Idaho Republican Party as the executive director. She relocated to Boise to take over the position. After leaving the politics, she managed her consultancy business. She had one son and one daughter.

Helen Chenoweth was killed in a car accident. She was traveling in a sports utility vehicle on October 2, 2006. The vehicle overturned near Tonopah on a remote highway. She was seen without a seatbelt. She was traveling with her grandson who is six months old and step daughter in law with her in the vehicle. The infant suffered minor injuries. She was buried along with her husband, Wayne Huge in Monitor Valley (Nevada).
Helen Chenoweth, who is a former congresswoman, is a colorful and bold Idaho eccentric. Her powerful libertarian streak surprised the common people. Her death was shocking to the entire world. She died in a car accident on October 2 in Nevada. It was a tragedy and not surprise. Why was Helen Chenoweth not wearing a seatbelt? She did not use seatbelt as she is never bothered about the Nevada law. The accident was unexpected. The infant’s life was saved with some good luck.

Brief description of Helen Chenoweth’s death
The worst part was when the SUV rolled in the accident; it was said that the ex-politician had a small infant on her lap. As per the Nevada Law, the passengers should wear a seat belt and infant or children should be buckled in safety belt seats. It was a miracle to see the child who was in their car survived the accident. The small child was thrown out from the vehicle during the accident. The infant was thrown beside with Helen Chenoweth.

Helen Chenoweth was anti-environmental anti-government regulation. She was close in her public statements and ideology to the bigots like Bo Gritz and Randy Weaver, who was the reason to give Idaho a bad name nationally.

Helen Chenoweth made Idahoans look foolish, out of touch and ignorant. She believed in black helicopters and vast government conspiracies. Her name was mentioned in The Progressive. It was mentioned under the Ten Dimmest Bulbs of Congress. It was voted by fellow Republicans and not by Democrats.

It is sad to hear that Helen Chenoweth is dead. She should have been alive. She has died because of not obeying the law. If she has used the seat belt, she would not have lost her life. She was killed because neglected to follow a simple and common rule. The seat belt is a safety precaution and it is legally mandated. It is known well to her.

Some people argue that Helen Chenoweth has risked her life by not following the rule but why did she risk the five-month-old baby that was seated on her lap. Helen Chenoweth was buried at her family cemetery – Pine Creek Ranch, Monitor Valley, Nevada. She died at the age of 68.

Helen Chenoweth does not know the difference between good government policy and ill-informed opinions and that was the major problem with her.

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