• Is sex good for you when you are sick

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    Is sex good for you when you are sick

    Surprisingly, vitamin D, usually known for bolstering bone health and preventing rickets in children, has been shown to reduce the risk of catching colds during flu season. As sex expert Coleen Singer explains, many well-documented sex drive inhibitors include antidepressants such as Prozac and Xanax but medication for hypertension, psychotropic drugs, sedatives and opiates can lessen your interest in sex or make reaching orgasm difficult. Your nose is runny. A study done at Wilkes University found that those who had sex one to two times a week had elevated levels of IgA, while those who abstained or those who had sex more frequently had significantly lower concentrations of the protein in their system. Rest assured, you're not a weirdo. Ramp Up the Relaxing Tunes Listening to relaxing music seems like no-brainer stress-buster , but research shows that 30 minutes of listening to soothing "environmental music" actually boosts the immune system's production of illness-fighting proteins, immunoglobulin A IgA.

    Is sex good for you when you are sick

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    Is sex good for you when you are sick

    Is sex good for you when you are sick

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    Is sex good for you when you are sick

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    Is sex good for you when you are sick

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    Is sex good for you when you are sick

    Is sex good for you when you are sick

    Is sex good for you when you are sick

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      Medications are meant to cure your illness, but might make it more difficult for you to rise to a challenge, or maintain your sexual stamina. One of those cytokines is called interleukin-1, which has been shown to decrease sexual appetite for female rats.

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      Thomas shares even when a man is dealing with sickness, they can still be helpful and loving in their relationship. Coughing and sneezing didn't have much of an effect on nasal cavities, but nose blowing built up enormous pressure, propelling mucus deeper into the sinuses.

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      A review of several studies testing this benefit concluded that in general, music listening has a positive impact on IgA and mood. One bloke on Reddit described it like this:

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