• How to control sexual desires when single

    by · 24.09.2018

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    How to control sexual desires when single

    How do you handle them when you have no means of expressing them as an unmarried individual? Do you know what the common denominator is? Are you the single woman who is just barely getting by who will become an insignificant spinster one day? It is that our spiritual desire is so weak. I have always desired to be married, but God has kept me single so far and I can be content in the state that I am in as long as I keep my eyes on Him and not my life or status of life. There are many people who would say that they understand that their sexuality and sexual desire are a God-given, God-created gift- but how do take the next steps in keeping those gifts from becoming a point of struggle? Whether you are a man or woman, dealing with sexual desire is something that you will face at many points in your unmarried life and then again in different ways through your married life as well.

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    How to control sexual desires when single

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    How to control sexual desires when single

    How to control sexual desires when single

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    How to control sexual desires when single

    How to control sexual desires when single

    How to control sexual desires when single

    How to control sexual desires when single

    How to control sexual desires when single

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    1. Vudora says:

      I think Paul was referring to just that when he explained that greater than sexual connection, is the ability to serve God in a focused and undistracted way.

    2. Kazijas says:

      These are the ones whose gifts change lives. But then…there is the real deal.

    3. Mezira says:

      May God give us the wisdom and the grace to realize that He has got our best interest in mind…and He always has. I believe that we can also channel our sexual desires by focusing our time, our energy, and our efforts on things that are meaningful and purposeful.

    4. Bralrajas says:

      A third denotes a free gift of grace, used in the New Testament to refer to a spiritual or supernatural gift.

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