• His & hers sex toys

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    His & hers sex toys

    Your smartphone becomes the remote that controls this vibrator. Your partner can even record a unique vibration pattern for you to replay during solo time. It's made with all edible ingredients like dehydrated honey and cocoa powder. This vibrator is simple to use, and a great toy for first timers. They're really simple to use, and set up in a snap.

    His & hers sex toys

    It's one of We-Vibe 's job-selling toys. Your smartphone becomes the key that comments this vibrator.

    His & hers sex toys

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    His & hers sex toys

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    His & hers sex toys

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    His & hers sex toys

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    His & hers sex toys

    His & hers sex toys

    His & hers sex toys

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    1. Kazrashicage says:

      But a word of caution: This vibrator is simple to use, and a great toy for first timers.

    2. Gurr says:

      G-Spot Stim Serum Unbound This peppermint oil and aloe stimulating serum is formulated to increase the size and sensitivity of the G-spot.

    3. Kak says:

      Hand it over to your partner and let them become your main squeeze.

    4. Goltigore says:

      The stretchable O-ring fits all kinds of dildos and attachments, and even includes a handy pocket that fits a bullet vibrator for the wearer.

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