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Helen Chenoweth criticizes President Clinton


Helen Chenoweth spoke to the media about her affair with President Clinton in the 1980’s. She acknowledged that it was a long time affair. When she was a private citizen and remained like a single woman, she told that she was in a relationship. She regrets the relationship that she had in her past. Helen Chenoweth admitted the mistake when she was sixty years old. She added that her private and long-time episode is creating family issues and causing more and more pain to her family.

Helen Chenoweth told her on television that the behavior of Bill Clinton is severely affected the nation, and it has rocked the president’s office. She told that integrity and personal conduct matters. Some lawmakers told that the news is a rumor, and the local newspaper is publishing rumor stories to create hype and sensation. The editor of Statesman is Karen Baker. He told that he had heard the news long time before Helen Chenoweth agreed. They thought it should be an issue or issue until Helen Chenoweth agreed in her TV commercials.

Vern Ravenscroft is a long time business partner with Helen Chenoweth. They were in a relationship for six years. He told the media that their relationship ended some fourteen years ago. Harriett Ravenscroft is the wide of Vern Ravenscroft. Her wife was fifty-seven years old when the news came across in the media. She told that Helen Chenoweth is the main reason for the affair. They should not have gone beyond their limits of a business partner. She told she did not want to remind the issue and wanted to forget. She added that how Helen Chenoweth can stay with her and do harm to her life.

After resigning from the politics, Helen Chenoweth started to look after her consultancy business. She married to author and rancher Wayne Hage. Her wedding took place at Boise in 1999. She also changed her name as Helen Chenoweth-Hage. She relocated to Nevada where Hage lived. They both continued to speak and write on property rights problems and concerns. Wayne Hage died after struggling with cancer. He died when he was 68-year-old.

Helen Chenoweth and Hage occupied the headlines after coming out of Congress.

Helen Chenoweth an archconservative and former representative died in a car accident when she was 68. The accident happened in Nevada. She was renowned for questioning the Endangered Species Act. The reporters told that Helen Chenoweth was traveling with Yelena Hage, who is her daughter in law and five months old infant Bryan Hage. During the accident, the infant was thrown out of the car with Helen Chenoweth and survived with small injuries.

Helen Chenoweth gained national attention when she mocked the Endangered Species Act. She told that the act applies to White Males. Canned salmon was served, and she complained about the Idaho salmon’s presence on the threatened species list.

Helen Chenoweth was born in Topeka. She did her schooling in Grants Pass. She went to the Whitworth College for completing her graduate studies.

When she was at Whitworth, she came across Nick Chenoweth and married him. Helen Chenoweth had two children, one daughter, and one son. She stayed with her son and daughter and survived by her grandchildren.

But the couple got a divorce in 1975. Helen Chenoweth became the active woman in politics. Her political career gave her huge success and reputation. She served for three terms and left the Congress. She quit politics and managed her consultancy business. When she was active in politics, she came across several hurdles, rumors and negative comments about herself and personal life. She managed to work rejecting the issues and comments.

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