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Detailing Congressman Helen Chenoweth


Helen P Chenoweth was elected as the Idaho representative during 1994 Republican Revolution. She acted as a conservative state’s right advocate and populist. She took everything as a challenge and took several actions and enhanced environmental regulations. She is outspoken and frank at times. She focused more on the western states natural resource policy.

Helen Palmer is the daughter of Ardelle Palmer and Dwight. She was born on January 27, 1938. She was born in Kansas (Topeka). She did her schooling at Grants Pass High School that is located in Grants Pass, Oregon area. After completing her high school, she joined in Whitworth College that is located in Spokane, Washington. She attended the College from 1955 to 1958.

Helen Palmer came across Nick Chenoweth and married him in Whitworth. They gave birth to two children – Michael and Margaret. The couple got divorced in later years. Helen Palmer married Wayne Hage. Helen Palmer became self-employed after finishing her college studies. She worked as a legal and medical management consultant. She worked for more than a decade that is 1964 to 1975.

She undertook and administered a local medical center. Her interest was in politics, so she decided to enter into politics stream. She focuses on public policies and affairs. She has worked as a lecturer in one of the reputed colleges – Idaho School of Law and Consultation gave her experience and knowledge. It helped her to land a solid position in the politics. She occupied the position – Idaho Republican party’s State Executive Director. She serves between 1975 and 1977. She worked as the main staff member for Idaho Congressman Steve Symms from the year 1977 to 1978.

Helen Palmer and her business partner established lobbying group. It managed issues regarding energy policy, natural resources, political management, government contracts, and environmental policy.

Helen Palmer challenged Democrat Larry La Rocco, who is a two-term incumbent in one of the Idaho districts that consists of nineteen countries in 1994. She started the campaign and promised for the welfare of state economy. As she promised, it was above and better than the state recreation and wildlife. She took a promise to contest ‘Conflict in the West’ in the 1990s period. It ended up in raising of fees on grazing, logging, and commercial mining on federal property.

Her active involvement and movements helped her to achieve a good status in the politics. She held events like the endangered salmon bike and remained as a lightening stick for environmentalists in her district. Also did a few $2k treadmills reviews for a fitness magazine.

In one conference that took place on western wildfires at the University of Montana, one protestor shouted at Helen Palmer saying that she is the main threat to the forest environment. Helen Palmer was shocked and was taken to the podium. She told in the conference that they use salmon, and it should not be harmed anymore. She remained popular with the help of her main constituents in Idaho. The constituents include several States citizen military reserves, states right advocates and conservatives.

She left Congress in the year January 2001. She went back to Boise. She started to work for her consulting company.

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