About Me

Hi, friends! I am Sandra Miller. I am a writer, journalist, and photographer. I have heard several details about Helen Chenoweth former congresswoman and wanted to write a biography of her. As I had very less time, I thought to make it as a blog with informative titles and contents. If you are not aware of her, you will enjoy reading this article. I have ensured to research from various sources and draft the contents of the website. If you have any suggestions or comments, please share with me. You can also let me know any interesting moments or speech by Helen Chenoweth if you have come across.

Personally, I feel Helen Chenoweth is a strong woman who wanted to excel in the politics. She has done her best to her profession but still a bit careless in nooks and corners. It was painful to write about her death. If she had used the seatbelts, she would have easily escaped from the accident. Hope this blog be in remembrance of Helen Chenoweth.